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Arizona Farm

Tolmachoff Farms, Arizona Family Farm
Arizona Pumpkin Patch, Tolmachoff Farms, Arizona Farm
Arizona Farmers Market, Produce Farm, Tolmachoff Farms

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Tolmachoff Farms is a unique four generation family farm operated in Glendale, Arizona by Bill and Gracie Tolmachoff and their four children Bill, Ashley, Michael and Brooke. The farm originally grew cotton, wheat and corn in the first part of this century. Bill Senior started selling plums in the early 1970’s from a roadside stand and the pick your own farm fresh produce stand has continued to grow ever since. We grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables and strive to provide you and your family with the ultimate in fresh produce straight from the field to your table.

Tolmachoff Farms, Glendale Arizona

Growing & Sharing Organic, Local 
Fruits & Vegetables

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